Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New King Mango commemorative Buttons

Friends of King Mango are now in the button-making business in the hopes of raising much needed funds in support of this December's King Mango Strut parade. 

"I love them!" said Ana Marie Windisch of  Mayfair's Windisch Gallery,  "each one is like a miniature work of art."

A new button will come out every two weeks and cost just $2.  Each will feature a unique design taken from themes from past parades.  Images like  'After Katrina,' 'Do the Mangobama,' and "Don't Taze me, Bro!" will appear on the buttons which should sell quickly and appeal to Strut-lovers of all ages.

The first button to go on sale is based on 2010's big event, the Gulf Oil Spill.  As you can see, King Mango is happily pouring a can of BP crude over his head. 

The 'Oil Spill," button is on sale now at both the Windisch Gallery at 2911 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove and Shell Lumber at 2733 SW 27th Avenue, Miami.  A series of commemorative buttons will be available at additional Grove locations next week.

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