Friday, April 9, 2010

Party to Save Jimbo's Place This Sunday

Like Coral Castle and Tobacco Road, the ex-shrimper hideaway known as Jimbo's Place (Duck Lake Rd., Virginia Key) is one of those odd outcroppings of the subtropical landscape that provides an increasingly necessary contrast to Miami's million condos and strip malls.

For more than a half century, James "Jimbo" Luznar has held his place out on the northeast edge of Virginia Key, a strip of City of Miami land that he's been allowed to occupy according to a long-standing verbal deal. Yet, right now, it's uncertain whether the place will survive much longer. A few months ago, the city enacted a $5 entry fee and issued warnings about the dilapidated Bahama shacks and other junk cluttering Jimbo's yard. Then things got worse: A few trailers caught fire and the electricity was cut, leaving Jimbo's powered by generators for the past 100 days.

Be there: Sunday, April 11 from noon to 5pm

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