Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti Rhythm Relief Concert Saturday

Haiti's Rhythm Relief Rally at CocoWalk

Haiti's Rhythm Relief Rally at CocoWalk  Saturday, January 30 

From noon to sundown, donate what you can. Bring a drum....catch the rhythm.

Performing Live
12:00- Rene Alvarez (acoustic)
12:30- Karina Iglesias (R&B/soul/funk)
1:30- GoodFellas (cover band)
2:30- Birdman's Clambake(FUN)
3:30-Joshua Stedman(rock/soul/pop)
4:30- Willie One Blood (reggae)
5:30- RyanStoneMusic (alt/rock)

The American Red Cross and The Lambi Fund of Haiti are the beneficiaries.

This is a community-wide event.
Rain or shine!

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer! Be that person!
Bring the peeps, bring the family, bring the dog....just bring it!

If there ever was a time to check out one of our shows, this is it!!
Have a drink, eat, make a donation, have fun...hell it's Cocowalk!

What more of a powerful lesson to teach your kids than compassion by example for people in desperate need of your help.

If your reading this, your on a computer safe and sound.
These people have nothing, were talking about a bottle of water!
info and rsvp  @

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